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Select a Nucore Virtual Payment Partner

Nucore has teamed up with multiple V-card issuers that are trained on the technical aspects of nuPay to provide a seamless, painless, plastic-to-virtual transition for your company. Select the Nucore partner of your choice or request Nucore to make one or more recommendations that meet your company’s payment requirements.

If your company already has a banking or other institutional virtual account, then Nucore will work with your current provider. If your company has a preferred issuer, Nucore will work directly with them to provide your virtual payment solution.

Nucore Virtual Payment Partners include VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard, companies known and respected across the globe as leaders in innovative financial services that your company can rely on to provide the financial integrity and level of customer service your business requires.

Nucore is continuously expanding nuPay partners to provide our customers with additional sourcing alternatives, increased financial capabilities, and expert customer support. If you have a preferred service provider, nuPay will work directly with them to ensure a seamless implementation.

Become a Nucore
Virtual Payment Partner

If your company provides financial services then by partnering with Nucore you can offer services to Nucore’s rapidly expanding customer base or broaden your own product offerings with nuPay’s virtual payment system. Together we can provide our customers with significant competitive advantages.

Two Reasons You Should Be a nuPay Partner

If you are an institutional virtual account provider, you might consider joining the global nuPay team. The post-COVID-19 marketplace provides a unique opportunity for penetrating a very large travel industry.

According to research conducted by Coleman Parkes:

  • V-Card market penetration is only 60% - far from saturation.
  • Adoption of the technology will grow rapidly with the forecasted post-COVID travel increase
  • 56% of Travel Agents cited a lower likelihood of settlement retention by acquirers as an advantage
  • 64% of Hotels cited reduced costs and improved margins as biggest benefits
  • 74% of Airlines cited improved cash flow as the number one V-Card benefit
  • 90% of TAs, Airlines, and Hotels say V-Cards are an "essential payment method"

Nucore is a proven technology leader for the
travel industry with broad B2B marketing reach:


B2B Customers


Country Presence




transactions with
$7 Billion annual turnover

Grow with us. Contact the Nucore office nearest to you.