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NuPay – Virtual Card Payment Designed
for Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, and Travel Management Companies

If your company uses credit to pay bills online, then you should plug into the benefits made possible by nuPay’s “Virtual Credit Card”. Adding NuPay to your current system will simplify payments and give you the information you need to manage day-to-day credit usage, lower costs, and increase security, sales, and profits.

You manage your agency,
but who controls it?

The answer is simple. Which ever party pays the other is the party in control.

Does your agency provide services for your providers then wait to be paid? Or do you pay your agency first and then your providers? Does your agency collect payments from your customers or do you pass the customer payment information to your provider to collect the funds and then pay you? Do your providers dictate the form of payment your customers must use? Are credit limits set by you or your provider? Do providers place business volume restrictions on your agency due to agency viability concerns?

nuPay can help you gain control of your agency, lower your costs, and increase sales. If reconciliation, and fraud are consuming valuable staff time, then nuPay can help eliminate most of these costs. If you don’t offer customers the form of payment they prefer due to the additional costs, then nuPay savings will more than offset those costs to increase customer acceptance and sales.

nuPay for TAs, OTAs, and TMCs

Risk-free payment distribution within the travel value chain, designed specifically for travel agents, online agents, and travel management companies is now available from Nucore. nuPay virtual card payments increase agency management control through guaranteed, instant, virtual payments to providers that are integrated into your agency’s existing payment system.

nuPay streamlines and simplifies the payment process. nuPay adds all process and staff-related information to each Virtual Account Number (the payment ID) which is then used to simplify reconciliation, problem resolution, and other billing issues.

Take Control

Under the merchant model, nuPay removes the agency from being the “middle man” in every customer transaction. Your agency will gain more conrol over cash management and customer acceptance of your services. Your agency…

  • Will no longer wait to be paid,
  • Will no longer be volume restricted by suppliers,
  • Your agency will be in direct control of your own business and its future.

Realize Benefits

With virtual payments, nuPay simplifies both the payment process and reconciliation. Reconciliation is automated, and with all process-related data linked to a payment’s unique Virtual Account Number (VAN), drill-downs and problem resolutions are less labor-intensive.

Virtual payments greatly reduce chargebacks since payments are instantaneous and guaranteed. When chargebacks are reduced, the chargeback-related Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) are also reduced, saving many hours of staff time.

The two most important nuPay agency benefits are increased cash flows and advanced management information Time is money. Guaranteed virtual payments are cleared in two days rather than weeks. Analyzing nuPay transactions with all process, staff, provider, and customer-related information can provide management insights without hours of data tracking and report generation. Market shifts, provider accounts, customer preferences, and any other data can be tracked and analyzed on-demand.

Finally, with nuPay, plastic credit cards are no longer used and cannot be abused, lost, or stolen. With Virtual Account Numbers, multiple users can make payments from multiple locations.

Optionally, within the travel value chain, most agents interface with one or more Global Distribution Systems. Nucore’s Agency Management Platform is fully integrated with nuPay to seamlessly issue payments across any GDS option.

Partner with Your Suppliers

Partnering with your suppliers will ensure that both parties maximize the benefits they receive when your agency incorporates nuPay into your payment system. Suppliers benefit directly from your implementation of nuPay even if they don’t use nuPay themselves. By delivering benefits to your suppliers, you will quickly become their agency of choice and enjoy the benefits of their decisions and recommendations.

  • A significantly increased flow of cash from your agency's payments
  • Guaranteed and secure payments
  • No need to process payments from your agency or absorb bad debt
  • No need to chase invoice payments from your agency
  • No longer need to monitor or control agency viability or credit
  • Elimination of all credit card fraud from your agency