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NuPay and Airlines – Increase Profts at No Cost

Partnering with agents to incorporate virtual account payments to your airline can lower costs and increase profits without your company installing any software or incurring any training. Staffing requirements and skill levels will decrease. Best of all, cash flows will increase almost instantly.

What can nuPay do for your Airline?

If your staff is spending too much time on chasing invoices or calculating agency debit memos, creating chargebacks, or monitoring and controlling credit, then accepting nuPay virtual payments from your agent can reduce, even eliminate, these costs. If your agent processes customer payments, then your staff would no longer need to monitor and control credit usage. If your agent makes guaranteed instant payments, staff hours for invoice chasing, chargebacks and ADMs would all be reduced.

With nuPay, fraud would also be significantly reduced (each payment has its own virtual account number which cannot be used a second time), but most important, cash delays would decrease from weeks to days. Time really is money and every dollar saved would drop to the bottom line.

Partner with nuPay agents today and get the benefits of virtual payments for your airline tomorrow… at no cost to your company.

If your company uses credit to pay bills, then you should plug into the benefits made possible by nuPay’s “Virtual Credit Card”. Adding NuPay to your current system will simplify credit payments, give you the information needed to manage day-to-day credit usage, increase security, and save money. In short, your airline could gain all the benefits your agents realize for your own company.

Contact Nucore for a free, no-obligation demo of nuPay’s fintech capabilities.