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Agencies using nuPay offer suppliers
risk-free distribution without credit
limits, monitoring, or cash delay.
Suppliers can capture the same benefits using nuPay payments
Automation that simplifies
processing and reduces labor
Using nuPay, benefits more than offset increased costs. LEARN MORE
Travel Tech and FinTech
Make Great Partners
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nuPay Virtual Credit Cars for Agencies and Corporates LEARN MORE

Welcome to NuPay –
Virtual Cards for the
Travel Industry

If your company uses a credit card to pay bills, then you should plug into the FinTech benefits made possible by nuPay’s “Virtual Credit Card”. Adding nuPay to your current system will simplify payments, give you the information you need to manage day-to-day credit usage, increase security, save money and increase sales.


What does your company pay…
to pay someone else?

Whether a payer or a provider in the travel industry, the average firm will address more than 50,000 payment issues annually. That is a big price to pay for paying – making, or receiving, payments.

Depending on the consumption or the provision of services, the cost of managing payments can vary from 4% to 7% of the value of the payment. Every dollar used to manage payments is a dollar taken away from profits. If you are not using virtual accounts to fund payments, your profits are being depressed artificially.

More importantly, cash distributions within the travel value chain are wrought with costs and risks that can be reduced, even eliminated with virtual payments. Sales can be increased if fewer bookings are canceled due to suspected fraud. Customer restrictions on forms of payment and credit limits can be removed, increasing both customer acceptance and sales.

Virtual payments provide guaranteed funding, reduced chargebacks, increased cash flow, and lower risk when combined with Nucore’s TRAACS management platforms with seamless GDS integration.

The end result is that stronger business relationships will be established between payers and providers and both will benefit from virtual payments.

Learn more about virtual card payments by visiting the “nuPay Overview” page. If you are an agency (TA, OTA, or TMC), visit “nuPay for Agents” to see how nuPay can reduce your costs and increase sales. If you are an LLC Airline, visit “nuPay for Airlines”.

Providers might want to view both Agency and Airline pages to learn more about how your client’s use of virtual payments can lower your costs, even if you don’t use nuPay.